Let’s give your carpet a refresh

We’ve been there too. Your red wine glass tipped over and stained the carpet. A guest walked in with muddy shoes. Then there’s the secret culprit. Your carpet has never seen a deep clean, and you’re just now noticing how dull it really is. There isn’t one spot in particular, but the entire carpet or area just isn’t as vibrant as it once was. You need a general carpet cleaning to sanitize and bring that carpet back to life!


Be proactive, not reactive

Santa Monica Clean Carpets is here to ensure your carpets last their full lifetime. Routine deep carpet cleaning is a must for maintaining color and softness. And it’s not just about looking nice. The investment in frequent deep cleaning will eliminate bacteria. This keeps you, loved ones, pets, and friends, allergy free and healthy. So remember to be proactive about removing dirt, dust, and cooties from those carpets. (We’ve asked plenty of kids, and they agree carpets are full of cooties.)


Here are some other general carpet cleaning tips:

Scrape up if you’re dealing with a nice thick pile of cat vomit. Okay, maybe something less gross. You’ve just made a fantastic dinner. The fork slips of the plate and brings Tomato sauce covered Spaghetti hurling toward the floor. Just breathe, remove as much as possible by scraping upward, not down.

Blot, don’t scrub the spill area. Scrubbing will only spread the stain outward and deeper into the carpet. The best thing to do is blot the surface.

Use some water or stain remover to loosen up the spill. Start on the outside edge and work your way in.

Lastly, calling us at 424-322-4270 is the fastest and easiest way to fix that mess of yours.

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Blot to remove stain carpet cleaning
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