An Oriental Area Rug can add a personal touch to any room. Think of it as the pocket square to your tailored suit. If taken care of properly these rugs can last for years.


We Got You Covered

Whether it is cleaning up pet urine, removing a nasty stain from the wine tasting party you had or if you need to repair your rug because Fido thought it was a new chew toy, we have you covered. If you’re moving and need to prep your rug for the moving process or for storage, look no further, we can do that too. Our oriental area rug cleaning to top notch. Can’t stop sneezing? Blaming it on allergies? How about your carpet being the root of the problem! When cleaned on a regular basis, carpets will have fewer allergens to release into your home so wipe your eyes and give us a call!

Santa Monica Carpet Cleaning will make sure that your Oriental Area Rug gets the cleaning it deserves. Most importantly, we will make sure that your rugs colors and patterns remain vibrant, just like on the first day when you brought it home.

We Can Save You Money

Don’t let that stain sit or even consider the thought of going into your wallet to buy a brand new rug. We’ll get your rug looking so fresh and clean you’ll want to post it on Instagram. After all, who doesn’t like looking at a clean rug? Is your rug made out of a natural fiber such as wool or silk? Check, we got you covered. Wool, silk, cotton, chenille, jute, sisal, synthetic (want us to keep going)? We think you get the point. We don’t just clean your rug; we make it look like you’ve unrolled it for the very first time. Call us at 424-322-4270 for top oriental area rug cleaning.

oriental and area rug cleaning living room
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