It’s not too late

Looking to hit the refresh button on your sofa, recliner or any other upholstered furniture? Look no further, upholstery cleaning with Santa Monica Carpet Cleaning will make your upholstered furniture look brand new.  Don’t say goodbye to your favorite couch or retire the chair you’ve watched the ‘big game’ in. Whether it’s silk, wool or cotton; you name it, we’ll clean it. Worried about older furniture that has been handed down to you from Grandpa? Don’t be. With our state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products, your classic piece of furniture will be getting the face-lift it deserves.


Here are a few tips on upholstery cleaning:

Vacuum – attach the upholstery piece that comes with most vacuums, move the vacuum’s hose from left to right in short, overlapping strokes. Start at the top of the particular piece of furniture and then make your way to the bottom. Be gentle while making this left to right motion, especially if the material on your furniture is a delicate fabric such as silk and linen. Also make sure to set the suction to low! Be careful not to suck up materials such as coins and any other metallic materials as you don’t want to jam up your vacuum!

Spot Removal – best for stains on linen, cotton, jacquard and polyester-acrylic material. Sprinkle the stain with a rug dry cleaner to cover the stain, gently rub the powder into the fabric with a dry cloth, and then vacuum. Repeat one more time if needed. If the stain doesn’t come out after a second time, leave it alone and call the pros, like us!

“Sudsing” – (DISCLAIMER use this step only for upholstery with labels that have a ‘W’ or ‘WS’ code). Use about a ½ teaspoon of clear dish soap in a small bucket; run warm water to build up suds in the bucket. Using a soft upholstery brush, dip the brush into the suds only (do not fully submerge). Now using a light sweeping motion, brush the fabric very lightly. Once that is done, wipe the fabric with a clean, damp cloth. Let the upholstery dry completely before using this piece again.

If none of these tips or tricks gets the job done, don’t hit the panic button!! Instead, pick up the phone and give us a call for upholstery cleaning at 424-322-4270. After all, that’s why we’re here.

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