Details matter

When you see how clean we can make your hardwood, you’ll be floored! Wood Floor Polishing is so important. We know your wood floors are an investment in your home that give it lasting value, comfort and durability. Keep them looking great with our expert cleaning service. We start with a state of the art deep clean with our proprietary cleaning solution. Just when you think we’re done and your floors can’t get any cleaner, we get down on our hands and knees and actually finish the space by hand. When we say that every inch of your floors will be meticulously massaged into a state of shiny, squeaky cleanliness, we really mean it!


The real dirt on getting clean

Your mop and bucket may be doing more harm than good. A typical mop can just spread dirt and germs around. Harsh soaps and solvents can strip your hardwood of its natural oils, actually reducing the life of the flooring, and causing it to look dull. Our PH balanced cleansers will actually nourish as it cleans, breathing new life into your flooring. Speaking of breathing, go ahead and take a deep breath. Our cleaning agents are low odor, and non-toxic.

Don’t just clean. Protect and preserve.

Once we finish making your floors look like new again, You have the option of adding a protective sealant to the floor. This will  protect it from wear and tear so good, you’ll want to slap your momma! But don’t slap your momma. She raised you, and that would be mean.

Prop tip: We recommend cleaning your wood floors every 6-12 month to maximize the length of your flooring.

Lastly, calling us at 424-322-4270 is the fastest and easiest way to fix bring a whole new shine to your hardwood floors with wood floor polishing.

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